Is a scam that was used with MoneyGram and Western Union and is over ten years old.

Scammers have now turned to bitcoin and are using Bitcoin ATM's as the transmission platform of choice.

Are you making a large purchase with Bitcoin?  Ask yourself this.

Would I send a wad of cash to the counterparty through the mail to their P.O. Box?

If the answer is "NO" then DO NOT send them Bitcoin!

As handy as bitcoin is for moving value, we still need to be careful about who we buy from. Scammers and nogoodnicks abound in cyberspace!  If you are going using one of our machines to buy a vehicle or other large purchase via Craigslist through eBay Motors and a seller prompts you to send them bitcoin.

In the instances we have encountered through about eight (8) different occurrences the victim finds the car listing on Craigslist and is then directed to make payment through a scam disguised as eBay Motors.   


In this case the scammer is luring you in by offering you a deal that is "too good to be true"

Please see the attached pictures that are but one example of the eBay Motors scam emails the victims have received. 

You will see this sophisticated scam directs the victim directly to an Athena Bitcoin ATM near their location, it even states the address of our location!

If you get a notice that sends you to a Bitcoin ATM near you whether it be Athena Bitcoin or any other Bitcoin ATM company, drop what you're doing and contact customer service IMMEDIATELY!

We are available via email at or at 312-690-4466 for live and SMS text support.  

Be careful out there!