We recently has a rash of scams hit our Bitcoin ATM's in Texas.  

For more on this scam read this article by well known security researcher Brian Krebs


In our case, the scam worked this way.   

·  The person is “hired” by a company in Canada.  One victim was hired as a "Consultant", the other as an "Executive Assistant" In this case it was this company  (whose web resources may have been hijacked by the scammer, it may be a legit company).  The reason for the convoluted money transmission was to "buy office furniture" 


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·  The victim is instructed to deposit a certified check (see attached) issued to them. 

·  The victim (They) deposits the certified check into the bank account and pull out cash in the same amount as the check.

·  They are issued a bitcoin address

·  They are instructed to go to a nearby bitcoin ATM

·  They deposit cash in the bitcoin ATM and send the bitcoin to the address specified by the scammer.

·  The scammer then stops/reverses payment of the certified check

·  The victim is then out of the money and has no recourse to get the bitcoin back

Attached is a copy of the picture of a fraudulent check that was disbursed to the victim.  

The victim's name has been redacted for privacy concerns.

The Colorado Bank was contacted and confirmed that the check is fraudulent.

Key Takeaway-Never take a check, or cash a check, from a bank that has a PO Box as a mailing address on the check!

Be careful out there!