Periodically the MEMORY POOL on the BITCOIN NETWORK can get very crowded. 



We here at Athena Bitcoin Inc. append a "miner fee" (Satoshi's per byte) that is a premium to the going rate.   

This is so your transaction gets picked up from the MEMORY POOL and confirmed by the mining network and onto the BITCOIN BLOCKCHAIN faster than other transactions inside the Bitcoin Memory Pool.  

Sometimes this premium is not enough.  Sometimes it may take a few minutes or it may take a few hours for your transaction to be picked up and confirmed on the BITCOIN BLOCKCHAIN

Some wallets do not pick up transactions that have been confirmed on the BITCOIN BLOCKCHAIN in a timely manner.

What wallet do you use?

For smartphones we recommend our Athena Bitcoin Wallet that is powered by,

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We use TradeBlock to explore the BITCOIN BLOCKCHAIN and reference transactions.

For future reference and resource to you.  Input your BITCOIN ADDRESS in the search box at this link.

Here you will see if your transaction is confirmed (or not).

For future reference of the size of the memory pool (and estimating how long confirms are taking in real time)  this is a goto this link.

If the current Memory Pool is 

LOW <10 MB Then it will (this is an estimate) it will take <1 hour to confirm on the BITCOIN BLOCKCHAIN.

MEDIUM between 10 MB and 30 MB then it will take 1-4 hours to confirm.

HIGH >30 MB then it will take 2-24 hours to confirm. 

The picture (attached and below) explains what you will be looking at in the MEMORY POOL.